Nissan Bluebird U13 – Manual Transmission Oil Change

Finally I have dragged my ass to do this job. I have done this before and I know how messy and difficult to change my gearbox oil on my Nissan Bluebird. The nut is very difficult to open and very messy to refill back the gearbox oil with a sludge pump. After some thinking and taking ideas from other people, finally I’ve found the easy way to do this project. This post is mainly for people who knows their cars and DIY enthusiasts. A lot of small details are omitted.

First of all to drain the gear oil, we need to open the 12mm drain bolt. But the location of the nut next to the chasis means I can’t use a normal wrench.

It is even worst if the nut has been over tighten by some dodgy mechanic. This is the tool that I use.IMG_4386

I use two extensions so that I can cross above the chasis and exhaust pipe. Left side is the oil sump and right side is the gearbox housing.

For my project, I left the oil slowly drain overnight until the next morning. I use the same tool shown above to tighten back the drain bolt. To open the filler hole, it was really easy. Just use a 1/2″ wrench without any sockets.



Normally we have to use a sludge pump to suck 1L of oil at a time from the botttle and pump it into the filler hole while excess oil dripping all over my arm. This time, I’ve deviced a little handy contraption.


Thats right… a clean empty PET water bottle, with the bottom cut off. Section of a new PVC garden irrigation pipe or any garden hose or even aquarium hose. Drill a hole on the bottle cap small enough for the pipe to fit through snugly.

Then, just pour…. until you can see oil overflowing from the filler hole.

IMG_4393Er… the picture is a bit deceiving because I’m holding a engine oil bottle instead of gear oil bottle…. just for demonstration.

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2 Responses to Nissan Bluebird U13 – Manual Transmission Oil Change

  1. kizto says:

    What type of oil did you fill in it?

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